britt la spina

I have been designing prints and products as a Textile Artist for nearly ten years. After designing for both clients and working in house as a commercial designer, I knew the time had come to launch something of my own.  

In August of 2019, I finally decided to take the leap into producing my own bespoke line of Products. Each piece is hand made in Australia and printed onto organic linen, featuring my signature designs. Having my designs printed onto natural fabric was an easy decision.

Through my journey of Textile Design, I have learnt a lot about the product design industry. It drew me closer to producing ethical products made with natural fibres and durability. I believe we can have affordable, ethical luxury, that is both accessible and unique.

Each piece in the range features designs that inspire conversation and the everyday woman to not only be exactly who she is, but who she has always longed to be. The very nature of this range stands for exquisite design, craftsmanship and purpose, while still being sustainable.

I do what I can to be conscious in my decision-making and still love the spaces around me whilst doing it. I think there is an art in the possessions we collect, in the person we strive to be. 

Purchasing our products is choosing to support Australian made, natural fabrics, designed exclusively with the conscious, passionate, on-trend human in mind. 

Britt xx